May 06, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Text Reviews in April 2023


NuPhy Air96 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard review: A light keyboard with heavy customization | By Nathaniel Pangaro

"If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that is lightweight, modern-looking, and has multiple customization options and capabilities, then NuPhy Air96 wireless mechanical keyboard may be the right one for you to choose. The switches and keycaps can be replaced or changed to choose your preferred typing experience. The typing experience on Air96 keyboard is delightful, the keys bounce freely, and there is no sticking when typing quickly or slowly."

Air96 wireless low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows

Come back with new switches! NuPhy Air96 review | By 라떼크

"I think Air96 is a well-made keyboard. The design is pretty and neat, the Ionic White version fits well on my white desk, and I really love the combination of the light gray and white keycaps. Besides Gateron 2.0 switches, you could also see another 3 switches in collaboration with NuPhy, among them, Aloe switch is quite comfortable to use, it is softer than other switches and recommended to those who like a soft feel"

Air96 wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android


Best mechanical keyboard for laptops: NuPhy Air75 | By Will Judd

"Air75 is a gorgeous keyboard with PBT keycaps in a pleasant color scheme, 'AirFeet' that allow the keyboard to be placed directly on top of MacBooks and many Windows laptops, and even RGB light bars. The low-profile Gateron Brown switches offer a good blend of tactility and smooth, silent operation."
NuPhy Air75 wireless low-profile mechanical keyboard


An up-and-coming name in the mechanical keyboard space, we look at NuPhy’s flagship Halo96! | By Scarlet Bell

Halo96 96% layout strikes a nice balance between the compact nature of a tenkeyless board with the functionality of a full-sized one. The included PBT keycaps feel great, and my keyboard comes with NuPhy's Rose Glacier switches which offer a really heavy tactile bump. The keyboard does feature a great assortment of RGB configurations, so this is a good option for those wanting to show it off to its fullest.”

Halo96 wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android


NuPhy Air96 Mechanical Low Profile Keyboard Review

"NuPhy Air96 is a great keyboard with a wide range of features, it comes pre-installed with double-shot PBT keycaps, and my keyboard uses Daisy low-profile mechanical switches, which are slightly tighter than Gateron red switches. In addition to RGB backlight on each key, there are two more indication strips on the sides."

Air96 low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

NuPhy Halo96 Keyboard Review: Is it any good? | By Arun Sharma

The build quality, impressive battery life, and RGB lighting make Halo96 a standout choice for those looking for a mid-range high-profile mechanical keyboard. The default keycaps have an excellent double-shot PBT construction and rounded corners. I have Gateron Baby Racoon switches on my keyboard, and the keystrokes feel very smooth, with the consistent feel of a linear switch but with a snappier return.

Halo96 Bluetooth mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android



Hands-on: M2 MacBook Air desk accessories you should consider | By Fernando Silva

"I love the look and aesthetic of NuPhy Air96. It is a full-sized keyboard with a number pad that can connect to up to 4 different devices, has Mac and Windows settings, and can be used either wired or wirelessly."

Full size mechanical keyboard with numpad