Revolutionizing the Laptop Typing Experience.

NuType F1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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NuType = A New Typing Experience


Before, excellent typing experience can only appear on the desk using the traditional keyboards. But when we work on a laptop outdoors, we may feel discomfort with its keyboard. And this discomfort is especially noticeable on the latest MacBooks.

We want to make the mechanical keyboard much smaller and can also use on your mobile devices. This is the origin of NuType.

Introducing NuPhy® NuType F1

42% shorter than the standard mechanical switches.

The Kaihua Choc low profile mechanical switches used by NuType are 42% smaller than the standard mechanical keyboard switches. It guarantees that NuType implements the excellent experience in such a small volume.

Perfectly match your MacBook and Surface series.

Nutype integrates with the laptop through a slot at the bottom giving a solid connection, exactly adapting to the MacBook series and Surface series.

Keep using your Touch Bar, Touch ID or function Keys.

NuType is designed to give you a great typing experience, but at the same time you can continue to use everything you are familiar with, such as Force Touch Trackpad, Touch ID, Touch Bar or function keys.

All for improving your efficiency.

Different people have different demands for their own keyboards. So we designed some key combinations to meet different needs. For example, you can press FN + ~ to substitute the use of ESC button, FN + OPT + L can convert numeric keys into function keys.

Sync up to 3 devices.

NuType can pair with up to 3 different devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to switch between devices effortlessly, including Android phones and Windows PCs.

An elegant case, also a foldable stand for your mobile devices.

We designed a SmartCase especially for NuType, which not only protects your keyboard but works as a stand to hold your mobile devices, helping you work on NuType anywhere at any time.


MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro


Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Laptop


iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro and other bluetooth devices


iMac, iMac Pro and desktop PCs