March 01, 2024

NuPhy Keyboard Text Reviews in February 2024

Gem80 Review from alexotos

"Gem80 is much more than a custom keyboard, it’s a TKL with multiple mounting options. It also sports 1000hz polling rate, which is a big deal for gamers."

NuPhy Field75 Keyboard: A Comprehensive Review Of Design, Features, And Performance | By Dan Scutaru from Games Errors

"NuPhy Field75 is a compact, feature-rich mechanical gaming keyboard that offers versatility through wireless connectivity and customizable options, it offers a high-quality typing experience suitable for gamers, professionals, and casual users alike."

NuPhy Air75 V2 Review: A Great Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard | By Reece Bithrey from Trusted Reviews

"Air75 V2 offers some upgrades over Air75 V1 with a bigger battery, new switches and proper software support, which makes it one of the best mechanical keyboards. It is hotswappable, you can swap the switches out with any Gateron low profile switches. Air75 V2 also works with VIA software or QMK firmware for versatile customisation."