July 02, 2024

NuPhy Keyboard Text Reviews in June 2024

NuPhy Gem80 review: Endless customization | By Dylan Horetski from Dexerto

"Gem80 is NuPhy ’s first tenkeyless keyboard, it features everything you would see in a normal keyboard. If you’re in the market for a higher-end mechanical keyboard, the NuPhy Gem80 should be high up on your list. It offers endless customization with removable sound-dampening materials, great battery life, and looks great in the process."

NuPhy Halo75 V2 Review: An Affordable Enthusiast Mechanical Keyboard | By Christopher Coke from Tom's Hardware

"NuPhy Halo75 V2 is an enthusiast-grade compact mechanical keyboard featuring a 75-percent layout. It offers tri-mode wireless connectivity, including a 2.4GHz dongle for a wired-like connection speed of 1,000 Hz, making it competitive with most mainstream wireless gaming keyboards. Its internal construction and materials give it a better sound, softer feel, and improved ergonomics for comfortable typing. Halo75 V2 uses VIA for programming, enabling key remapping across eight layers, record macros, assign shortcuts, and easy backlighting customization via a web tool."

NuPhy Halo75 V2: Not just a pretty face | By Peter Wolinski from Tom's Guide

"NuPhy Halo75 V2 keyboard looks and sounds gorgeous, and it is a pleasure to type on. It casts a pretty RGB halo onto your desk, is hot-swappable, and polls at 1,000 Hz over 2.4G for any gamers reading. Halo75 V2 also packs QMK/VIA firmware, which allows you to customize the keyboard through the janky but fairly comprehensive VIA browser app."

NuPhy Gem80 review | By Peter Wolinski from Tom's Guide

"NuPhy Gem80 is a keyboard crafted for modders, featuring the brand’s usual good looks, pleasing sound and comfortable typing. It also boasts 1,000Hz polling over 2.4G, substantial sound dampening, mSA keycap profile and a similar range of switches. For an effortlessly stylish look combined with a higher level of customization than other NuPhy products, Gem80 stands out as the top choice."

This Might Be the Perfect Mechanical Keyboard for Mac Users | By Tim Brookes from How-To Geek

"NuPhy Air75 V2 is one of the best low-profile mechanical keyboards on the market. It features a higher 1000Hz polling rate when connected via 2.4G, supports QMK/VIA customization, and comes with double-shot PBT keycaps that resist shine over time. Its 75% size is perfect for those who appreciates the tidy look of a small keyboard without skimping on the essentials."

If You Want to Type Comfortably All Day Long, You Need This Keyboard | By Quinci LeGardye from Marie Claire

"It has been six months since NuPhy Air75 arrived at my door, and I’ll never switch back to a Magic Keyboard. Typing has never been so comfortable, and I can write away for hours without the sensation of sore fingers pulling me out of my flow. I’ve even paired the keyboard with my iPad to work outside now that summer’s arrived, in a lovely switch up from my remote desk setup."