May 06, 2024

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in April 2024

"Gem80 mechanical keyboard is a 10-keyless keyboard with a standard layout. The PCB features south-facing LEDs, making it compatible with virtually any profile of keycaps. The Lemon switches are quite pleasant to type on, especially with this keyboard, and they come factory-lubed. Additionally, the keyboard is compatible with QMK and VIA. You can use it to control your lighting, change the keys and layers as desired, and set up macros and other customizations."

ASMR RELAXING KEYBOARD REVIEW | Unboxing NuPhy Gem80 keyboard

"Gem80 is an actual customizable TKL keyboard kit, and it sounds amazing. It doesn't take up much desk space. I prefer 2.4G connection; it works and runs smoothly, and typing is very smooth. It connected super quickly and easily to my computer."