January 05, 2024

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in December 2023

NuPhy Air96 V2 Review - Big Upgrades?

"NuPhy Air96 V2 is a 96% ANSI layout keyboard with 100 keys. The big ticket item is the QMK firmware with VIA compatibility. This firmware allows full customization across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Additionally, there is improvement in the 2.4 GHz wireless connection in terms of the polling rate, it's going from 500 Hz up to 1,000 Hz, which is high enough for gaming use. This keyboard is one of the best values for the price on the market in terms of low-profile keyboards with a number pad because of how good the quality."

Ultimate Low Profile Keyboard? NuPhy Air60 V2

"Air60 V2 is a 60 percent layout keyboard, it is good to put on top of your MacBook because of its size. It's light enough to be put in your bag and carried with you. If you're gaming and prefer wireless play, you'll get double the performance with the included 2.4 gigahertz receiver thanks to the 1000 hertz polling rate. Lastly, compared to V1, V2 has a much cleaner sound."

9 MUST-HAVE iPad Accessories!

"Air75 keyboard is a 75% ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard that can also be used wired. The Brown switch offers a nice, clicky sound for those who enjoy tactile feedback while typing. Additionally, you can connect up to four devices to this keyboard via 2.4G or Bluetooth. All in all, it just makes for a comfortable and really enjoyable typing experience."


"In Air60 V2, the main change is in the software. NuPhy switched to a more standard QMK/VIA. Despite this, they've retained the triple Mod. For keyboards utilizing QMK/VIA, it's uncommon to offer this variety of connections. Concerning the keyboard sound, Air60 V2 sound produces cleaner audio, minimizing echoes, external noises, and metallic resonance."

Recommended low profile keyboard for college students and office workers (NuPhy Air96 V2)

"Air96 V2 has a minimalist design, and the housing and keycaps have a rounded feel. The top case is aluminum, and the bottom case is ABS. The keycaps are double-shot PBT. The 2.4GHz polling rate has been upgraded from 500Hz to 1000Hz, which is twice as fast as V1."

The best low-profile 75% mechanical keyboards?

"If you're a gamer, both Air75 V2 and K3 Max keyboards offer a 2.4g wireless connection with a 1000Hz polling rate. NuPhy Air75 V2 boasts the largest battery capacity and, with the lights off, can run for up to 220 hours in Bluetooth mode."

TOP 5 Gadgets of 2023 that I liked the most

"After trying various high-profile and low-profile keyboards, NuPhy Air96 is the most comfortable option for me. Its aesthetics design is attractive. The reason I've chosen to use this keyboard into my daily routine is due to its sound and its 96-key layout, which includes a number pad on the side. This feature makes it very convenient for my workspace."

NuPhy Air60 V2 - Tiny But Mighty

"NuPhy Air60 V2 is a 60% ANSI layout keyboard with 64 keys. You've got QMK firmware in Air60 V2, so you can fully customize, remap, and add macros across Windows, Mac, and Linux. We now have 1,000 Hertz polling on 2.4GHz connection, which should be plenty quick for any gaming. If you're looking for that ultra-compact portable keyboard to use on your laptop, on the go, or at home, Air60 V2 is an excellent option."

NuPhy Air60 V2 | The Most Portable Mechanical Keyboard?

"Air60 V2 is a brilliantly portable mechanical keyboard. Not only is that compact form factor easy to slip into any bag, but it's also able to sit on top of most laptops and completely replace the keyboard. "

NuPhy Air75 V2 // Review & Sound Test

"If you want a low-profile keyboard or a good travel keyboard, Air75 V2 is the favorite that I've found. It sounds great for being low-profile switches and low-profile things, and it's super solid."

Low Profile Keyboards Can Sound Good!? | NuPhy Air60 v2

"Air60 V2 keyboard is quite thin with low-profile switches and a flat, uniform keycap profile, so you can type a little more comfortably. This keyboard supports VIA and QMK, and it features a 1000Hz polling rate for wired and 2.4GHz connections, which keeps latency low. Overall, this board is a great size for travel, the design looks and feels great, and it sounds good."