February 20, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in 2021

NuPhy Air75 Wireless Review: If Your Mechanical Keyboard Went On a Diet!

"I'm still in love with it, excellent build quality, excellent typing experience, the versatility, the overall package that it delivers for 110 bucks. I think it's definitely worth it."

BEST iPad Pro Accessories - MAX PROTECTION

"It's the smallest thinnest mechanical keyboard currently in today's market and also works on both PC and Mac, so if you're a mobile gamer and you want to take the mechanical feel from playing some of your favorite mobile games onto the iPad, this keyboard is definitely a must."

BEST Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Yet! ~ NuPhy Air75 Review

"That's actually really nice as Cherry profile keycaps look pretty good on this board in my view, and that opens the doors for customizability." 

Playing osu! with low profile switches ft.

"When using Air75, it felt like I was tapping on air. I couldn't really feel the key presses, so I thought it was gonna miss everywhere, but turns out, it works very well. This might be a result of the linear reds since having that tactile bump from browns could likely provide more perceivable feedback." 

NuPhy Air75 Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

"It's completely wireless or you can use it wired, there's even a wi-fi dongle there as well. You can program this up to three different devices at once by pressing Fn one two three or four." 

Get a WAIFU and a Wireless Keyboard!!! - NuPhy Air75

"At that price point, for something this portable and versatile and slim, that's not bad, especially for mechanical options. For anyone who wants to go anywhere and who needs to bring a mechanical keyboard and not something membrane, I think that this is probably one of your most solid options." 

NuPhy Air75 Review - The Best Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard!

"At first I got in touch, I immediately fell in love with this keyboard. It feels solid enough with an aluminum top housing while still being relatively lightweight, compact and portable, not to mention the absolutely gorgeous look with this nice premium looking chassis and an aesthetically piecing set of low profile keycaps."

NuPhy Air75: The Almost Perfect Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard | Review, Typing Sounds

"The design is super clean and unique, which I personally love, and the board has so many clever elements"


"I think it's a very chic and unique keyboard, and it really stands out if you have it on your desk whether you have a gaming setup or you want to use it at the office."


"NuPhy Air75 is a portable wireless 75 keyboard, pretty much built ground up to be as thin and portable as possible. In order to keep the profile thin, NuPhy had to use low profile Cherry mx stabilizers as well. They are perfect height to match the low profile switches, and overall work the same as a Cherry plate mounted stabilizer. They actually work really well out of the box."

NuPhy Air75 Review - The KING of Wireless Connectivity!

"Overall, I really like using Air75, and it is by far my favorite low profile mechanical keyboard, the build quality is awesome, the LED indicators are amazing, and the switches just make the keyboard satisfying to use, and the wireless capabilities of this keyboard are just insane."

A work of art. NuPhy Air75 Unboxing and First Impressions!

"This is an incredibly new typing experience. I'm a light typer and I always go for the least amount of pressure I can, but with these switches they bottom out almost instantly with a bit more resistance than what I'm used to. It's not a bad experience, though I feel like this will make me an even lighter typer, which I think is a good thing."

NuPhy Air75 Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing and Review

"Air75 is both mac and pc compatible. That's really a great price for a low-profile keyboard with changeable keycaps and changeable switches, rgb lighting that you can program."