May 05, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in April 2023

Air96 low-profile mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Premium Desk Setup That's Worth It!

"I think Air96 looks incredible, especially with the matching keycaps. The Air series by NuPhy is one of the best in the low-profile Mech world. They're great all-rounders and have most, if not all, the features one would want for their low-profile mechanical keyboard. This time, they released their own sets of switches, which is a nice change versus the typical blue, red, and brown Gateron variants."

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"Air60 is more of a compact keyboard without the number pad. Air96 is a much larger keyboard still relatively thin especially compared to other mechanical keyboards but I just love the look and feel. I love the pastel colors. I would recommend this Air96 or even the Air60 as a way to get into the mechanical keyboard space."

"NuPhy Air96 is perfect for those in need of a 10-key layout. This mechanical keyboard brings a sense of fun, there's a touch of pizzazz that complements the RGB lighting and the unique key designs."

"Air96 offers a ton of features and is perfect for those seeking both reliable and customizable keyboard. It is a 96 layout keyboard and it utilizes Gateron Brown switches, which strike a nice balance between tactile feedback and quiet operation. Moreover, it is a fully hot-swappable keyboard, allowing you to easily switch different keycaps and switches. The keycaps are made of durable double-shot PBT material, and underneath the keycaps, you'll find a full set of RGB lights."

Come back with a new color! NuPhy Air96 review!

"Overall, Air96 is well-built, and the keyboard design is attractive, particularly when paired with the white color. Additionally, the presence of a number pad adds to its usefulness. Air96 also comes equipped with Gateron Low Profile 2.0 switch, which is an upgraded version featuring a factory lubrication method and high precision."

 A FULL Custom Keyboard (pre-build) For 150€ | NuPhy Halo75

"Halo75 already passes the N-key rollover test with flying colors, you can press the keyboard at the same time and they are all recorded. It also passed the polling rate test, which is the refresh rate of the keyboard."

[Definitely this choice! ] NuPhy GhostBar review that definitely improves the keystroke sound of the space bar | NuPhy GhostBar: SpaceBar Review

"GhostBar is a noise suppression space bar released by NuPhy, innovatively designed specifically for spacebar acoustic shaping. Sound stealth system Silentcone is used to completely eliminate hollow sounds. This product is recommended for many people who are not satisfied with the sound of the spacebar." 

 NuPhy Air96 vs Keychron K5 / SE / Pro - Best Low Profile Keyboard

"Space saving is definitely one of the pros of Air96. It comes with Gateron low-profile 2.0 switches and the keycaps are double-shot PBT, another pro in favor of Air96 is that the battery capacity is double that of Keychron K5. With all the backlighting off, Air96 estimates up to 300 hours."

1st place in the low-profile design vote!ㅣNuPhy mechanical keyboard that is highly praisedㅣRed switch, brown switch, blue switch + 3 new switches released!

"The keycaps are made of PBT material, and the finish and durability of the keyboard look well-made. While Air96 is a slim model, it still features RGB lighting. There are six different switches to choose from, and the Gateron Low Profile 2.0 switches are an upgrade from the previous 1.0 version."

 NuPhy Halo96 Review: The Silent King

"Halo96 is a 96 keyboard, the overall profile of the board is smaller than your traditional full-size keyboard. It came with Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches, they're tactile switches with really solid feedback from a sheer typing and gaming standpoint. The keycaps are double-shot PBT and come in a unique black-and-white color scheme with some unique accents to colors. Speaking of wireless, the performance of both the dongle and the Bluetooth work flawlessly."

 Would You Bring This Keyboard Around?

"Air60 has the ultra thin design which means it uses low profile mechanical switches as well and ultra thin COAST PBT keycaps, and that just shrinks the entire form factor to something that is easier to carry around, and it's also lighter. NuPhy Air keyboard line is something that's closer to your laptop keyboard in terms of feel than your typical mechanical keyboard or like membrane keyboard."

Low profile and such a key feel...  NuPhy Air96 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard /Low Profile/Hot-swappable

"Air96 is a new keyboard from NuPhy, it includes the number pad. In addition, new white color and a new color keycap are also released. I did a blind test with my acquaintances, and most of them chose Wisteria as the best. It is recommended for those who often use the number pad on a low-profile mechanical keyboard."

 Best 65% Keyboard I've ever used! - NuPhy Halo65

"I thought the design of Halo65 is really nice. It counts with the possibility to change functions of the keys, create macros, select several RGB effects, etc. This keyboard has new features and a build that is impeccable both in terms of materials used, as well as in technologies for improving the shaking sound. Not this keyboard is only for those seeking a percent option focused on games, but also for those looking for an option for a more minimalist aesthetic."

 NuPhy Air96 Review: Impossibly Slim Yet Still Mechanical

"Air96 is a low-profile keyboard. It's worth noting you have the double shot PBT keycaps, which means this keyboard is excellent when it comes to fingerprint resistance and wear and tear. Air96 is a fully hot-swappable keyboard, meaning you can remove every keycap and remove every switch. The best part is that it is fully compatible with two-pin Gateron switches."


"Air96 mechanical keyboard stands out for its portability. Despite its high-quality build, it is lightweight. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity with a battery life of around one week, even with the backlight on. By turning off the RGB lighting, the battery can last up to two and a half to three weeks. This makes it an ideal keyboard for home or office use, especially if you often need to carry it or if you're a traveler who wants a mechanical keyboard experience."

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