February 27, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in April - June 2022

Wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows and Android

Make a Slim Mech Thock Again?

My Favorite Mac Studio Accessories!

"You can see Air60 comes with the necessary tools, not only to replace the keycaps but the key switches themselves, It is using brown switches and that gives you some nice tactile feedback while you type, definitely an improvement over the magic keyboard when it comes to typing fill."

First time buying a Wifi mechanical keyboard: is this a plastic bottle?

The BEST Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard - NuPhy Air75 Review

"What really drew me into this keyboard is the design, and again the fact that it's a low profile mechanical keyboard which I haven't yet tried. As somebody who uses multiple systems day-to-day, being able to swap between my work laptop, gaming pc and macbook is an absolute must-have feature."

NuPhy Air60: Is It Better Than The Air75 or Worse? | Review, Modding, Typing Sounds

"The dongle offers much faster wake up time from sleep and less delayed in Bluetooth, and is something I think all wireless sports should have. The latter obviously offers the benefit of being able to connect up to three devices, and make switching between phones, tablets or whatever supports a keyboard these days a breeze."

BEST Low Profile Mech Keyboard! (NuPhy Air60)

"Air60 wireless keyboard isn't necessarily a gaming keyboard but it does include some pretty decent features, and honestly speaking, i used it to game a lot and i didn't have a single issue."

MUST have iPad Accessories 2022 (iPad Air 5 edition)

"I love the way Air60 looks and the size is just perfect for portable keyboard it's a mechanical keyboard which makes a very nice typing experience"