March 07, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in February 2023

Air60 wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows and Android

Updated Keyboard - NuPhy Halo96 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

"NuPhy Halo96 takes everything that’s been perfected from Halo75 lineup and brings it to a full-size keyboard layout. The typing experience is fantastic with the Gateron Pro V2 switches and the double-shot PBT KOP keycaps. And not to mention just how good this keyboard looks with the coloured keycaps and, the RGB lighting effect throughout the middle of the board as well as behind the keys."

Assembling A Custom Keyboard For Less Than 150€ | NuPhy Halo75

Is NuPhy Halo96 the definitive version of the 96% compact layout? Gateron Baby Racoon switch feels squishy!

"It is Halo96 96% layout compact mechanical keyboard with number keypad, which comes with linear switch called Gateron Baby Raccoon. It's nice to have less misfires when typing. It supports iOS, Windows and Mac, also supports both wired and wireless connections."

The best mechanical keyboard out there? | NuPhy Halo96

"Gateron Brown switches are tactile, providing additional auditory feedback under pressure. You can choose six different types of switches, including two Gateron G Pro switches, a classic linear Red switch, a tactile switch, and four others. Overall, it is a great mechanical keyboard that sounds divine"

NuPhy Air75 Review: Almost Perfect

"This keyboard is perfect for somebody who wants both Form and Function, for somebody that's looking for a keyboard that can sit on their desk while making a statement, having that joy and Whimsy that comes with the bright RGB light bars dancing on the side, but also has all the functionality and productivity that comes with the best in the business in terms of low profile mechanical keyboards."

Desk Setup Like NO OTHER 2023 ft. Mac Mini M2

"For keyboard, I picked NuPhy Air60 which was the only one here that could match this desk setup, the compact size was another reason for picking it, but most of all was the fact that it can be connected with up to four devices."

Is it possible to replay the keyboard with the feel and design?ㅣNuPhy Halo75 TKL mechanical keyboard recommendation review

"The keycap is made of PBT material, which is durable. Both the keycaps and switches are hot-swap supported. The keyboard supports simultaneous input, it has both RGB sidelight and backlights."

NuPhy Halo96 | Normal profile keyboard with numeric keypad | First full-size mechanical keyboard

"Halo96 is a 96% layout normal profile mechanical keyboard, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows, features a US layout and is hot-swappable. There are Gateron G Pro red, blue, Baby Kangaroo, Baby Raccoon switches that you can choose from."

The last keyboard in NuPhy Halo series (?) A pretty and growing series! NuPhy Halo96 review!

"The biggest feature of Halo series is RGB lighting, it's really pretty. There are several Gateron switch options, Baby Raccoon switch is linear, but I can slightly feel the key pressure. The sound of Baby Kangaroo switch is loud compared to Gateron brown switch. I recommend Night Breeze switch if you like linear switches. It is softer than the Gateron red."


"Halo96 is absolutely a beautiful and fashionable mechanical keyboard, it sounds very quiet."

Incredible Mechanical Keyboard- NuPhy Halo96!

"NuPhy Halo96 is an incredible mechanical keyboard that is completely customizable."

NuPhy Halo65 ShineThrough ABS Keycaps and Gateron Baby Kangaroo (BBK) switch Overview and Sound Test


ASMR KEYBOARD REVIEW ~ typing, whispers, lofi triggers 🤍 Nuphy Halo75, Air75 & Air Switches

"I'm extremely picky with keyboards and the fact that they make Air75, a low profile mechanical keyboard that you can use different keycaps on, which is like that is a killer keyboard. Halo75 is a high profile keyboard with brown Gateron switches, PBT keycaps, 2.4G low delay."

My Mac + iPad Desk Setup 2023!

"The keyboard here is NuPhy Air60, which is a very compact and slim wireless mechanical keyboard that I do actually quite like, it's in my opinion one of the best looking and fun mechanical keyboards I've ever seen, it has these really nice big keys color accents all throughout these RGB lights that are not really overly offensive."

Halo75: The Space Bar You’ve Been Looking For | NuPhy Halo75 Review, Typing Sounds

"NuPhy introduced Baby Kangaroos switches which are their collaboration with Gateron on a tactile switch, I like it, I ended up with the Rose Glaciers on my Halo75 keyboard, that's the tactile offering and just like with the baby kangaroos, these are pretty great."

Swapping to Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switches

"I've never swapped out the switches from any of my mechanical keyboards before, so this is going to be the very first time. Currently, my daily driver is NuPhy Halo75, it's got Rose Glacier switches inside but NuPhy actually sent over some Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches to me, so we're gonna swap these in here."

This switch converted me - Gateron Baby Kangaroo Switch Sound Test + Review

"These are Gateron Baby Kangaroo switch from NuPhy and they're one of my favorite switches. I love linear switches but recently a couple of tactile switches have really won me over to the other side, and the Baby Kangaroos are one of them."

NuPhy Halo96 Mechanical Keyboard | Baby Kangaroo Switch | typing sound

 "If you often use the number pad, I think this keyboard would be a good choice. The sound and the feel of pressing the keys is great."

This New Keyboard Is The Best! NuPhy Halo96

"I love the way it looks and the size is just perfect for portable keyboard, it's a mechanical keyboard which makes a very nice typing experience. You can choose between the Gateron red, blue or brown switches."