February 24, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in January - March 2022

Wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows and Android

Ultra Portable Mech ~ NuPhy Air60 Keyboard Review

With the 2.4 gigahertz dongle, latency is even less of a problem, making it more than enough for casual gaming or important work where a keyboard that disconnects is a problem, so yeah NuPhy killed it again with Air60 and it surely gets my recommendation.” 

NuPhy Air60 Review - The Versatile low profile Mac/Windows mechanical keyboard

We just want to compare it to my iMac's magic keyboard. I'll just put it on top of it like you can see how compact and if you've made this, it's really quite impressive. It's also very low-profile for a mechanical keyboard as well now.

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I love the aesthetic. I really like the pastel color. I like how it feels when I am typing. It's very very clicky, if you guys want a mechanical keyboard, it's very compact and from what I've been reading, it's overall much slimmer than a very classic mechanical keyboard you know.

NuPhy Air60 Review - The Best Low Profile Keyboard Just Got Smaller!

There's also NuFolio case, if you plan on taking this keyboard on the road, it looks pretty nice and it'll give you a little bit of protection too. Overall NuPhy Air60 is a great keyboard just like Air75, it still keeps that same sleek design, very minimalistic.

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“It is both Mac and windows compatible so you switch the toggle at the back for your desired OS. Wireless functionality spans both Bluetooth up to three devices that you switch easily between function one two three you go function, and four if you want the 2.4 gigahertz download connection, or just go into wired mode if you're plugged in.”

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We have a new keyboard I am currently trying. It is a 75 low profile keyboard that works with macOS and windows out of the box. By the way, the case it came with is honestly really impressive. It has a great design with microfiber texture on some parts magnetic attachments for the keyboard, and it can be used as a stand.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac? NuPhy Air60 Review

If you are like me and you love keyboards, but you're looking for something maybe a little bit more clickety-clack, you want to level up your typing game either in your home office or while you're out and about. I think I've got something for you.

Smaller, lighter NuPhy Air60 low-profile mechanical keyboard l Air75 vs Air60 l Comparison of key sound between Gateron brown and red switches

NuPhy Air60 is a small and light mechanical keyboard that is perfect for those who frequently carry a keyboard. It's also great to use while standing on your tablet or phone. The feeling of pressing the keys was so comfortable that it was great for long-time typing or work.

NuPhy Air75 Review - Worth the BUY?

“It is no doubt that this is seriously a good looking keyboard, the design of the keyboard itself is very informal yet classy. It is relatively thin because of its low profile switches and cleverly designed keycaps, which makes it very portable.”

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Worlds Thinnest Mechanical, Hot-swappable Custom Keyboard!

With its very slim size, you have the perfect travel keyboard. The reason why they made it so thin is because they basically designed it to fit on top of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.