April 03, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in March 2023

NuPhy Halo96 wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

The Ultimate Mac Mini and iPad Pro Setup - Extremely Portable!

"The wireless keyboard I'm using is Air60, and the reason I went with this particular one is I love how it looks and it comes with this nice little carrying case where you can just fold it out and you have the keyboard nestled right in here. It's a nice mechanical keyboard that you can take with you on the go."

The ONLY Full Size Keyboard Worth Using

"I can honestly say that NuPhy is the only keyboard brand that can actually get me to use a full-size keyboard long term on the channel. I have covered both Halo65 and Halo75 from NuPhy and loved both of them, their killer for the price with their super sleek designs, unique RGB lighting and really good sounding stock switches."

The BEST Mechanical Keyboard! - NuPhy Halo96 REVIEW

"Halo series keyboards will offer you a better typing experience both in terms of sound and feel especially when it comes to the out-of-the-box experience. They also offer pretty much all the features most people are looking after, like hot swappable switches, tri-mode connectivity, good acoustics and typing feel, and probably the best RGB implementation for a very competitive price."

NuPhy Air96: the low-profile mechanical keyboard with a PREMIUM flavor

"NuPhy Air96 is mechanical keyboard soul, low profile, compact and extremely light. And there is also wireless connectivity, both Wi-Fi with receiver and Bluetooth 5.0."

Prebuilt Keyboards Have Come A LONG Way - NuPhy Halo96 Review

"I love Halo96 and as a fan of custom keyboards, I feel kind of dirty saying that but when a pre-built keyboard looks sounds and feels this good, I honestly struggle to think of a reason why I even need a custom keyboard."

Best Value Under $150: NuPhy Halo96 Keyboard

"The RGB lighting alone makes it difficult for this keyboard not to catch your eye, the default keycaps have a nice double shot PBT construction. Speaking of the switches, NuPhy's tactile Rose Glaciers are pretty awesome, they come prelubed from the factory. Overall, Halo96 is an excellent keyboard that offers a really good value for its price, given its excellent build quality, the amount of RGB control that you have and the hot swappable platform."

NuPhy Air96 Review - The Low Profile Keyboard to Beat

"I got Gateron low profile Brown 2.0 in Air96, the main differences between the generations of those switches is the total travel, that should make it just that little bit more like a high profile typing experience with more travel. The RGB options is simple, simply hold down the function key and use the Arrow to cycle through different RGB styles and RGB color. When it comes to typing experience, I have to say that Air96 probably is the best low profile keyboard that I've used."

[Further evolution of keystroke feeling! ] Thin wireless definitive edition NuPhy Air96 review | NuPhy Air96: Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review

"The appeal of Air96 is its stylishness, lightweight compactness, and excellent key-pressing feeling. Although it has a lot of keys such as a numeric keypad and arrow keys, it is kept in a fairly compact size. With a numeric keypad, it is a convenient keyboard that can be used for many purposes."

The Best 96% Slim Mech?! It's Already Better Than I Modded..

$140 Keyboard, Perfect Out-of-the-Box | NuPhy Halo96 Unboxing (ft. My Wife) & Sound Test

Halo96 is a great-looking keyboard. I really like these Gateron baby kangaroo switches, the rounded edges of KOP profile keycaps, and the interesting spacebar design. You can mix and match the accent keycaps to your preference, NuPhy's keycap colorways are always so pleasing. Overall, it feels very well-built.

NuPhy Air96 - A premium low profile wireless mechanical keyboard for Windows and Mac

Air96 is a very thin light mechanical keyboard that you could slip in a bag and take with you with maybe your Mac or your laptop and do some typing on the go, this is definitely much more portable.

NuPhy Halo65 Keyboard Review: Premium Prebuilt Goodness

"NuPhy's own KOP PBT keycaps are relatively clean in terms of design and font, these are double shot PBT and are really high quality so you can forget about them getting oily or easily scratched. Gateron G Pro Brown switches are designed to provide a good typing and gaming experience, they provide a gentle tactile bump. The keyboard is hot swappable so you can change things according to your preferences."

NuPhy Halo96 Keyboard Review - Smooth As Butter!

"You have those rounded keycaps in typical NuPhy fashion, those high contrasting keys that give this keyboard that unique look, you have 360 degree side lighting which looks quite nice with a full RGB spectrum. If you want pure Gateron switches, you can get the G Pro switches or you can get NuPhy's in-house Optical switches as well plenty of options. Hot swap ability means you can customize as you please."

NuPhy Halo75 Review | A Keyboard For Normal People

"The keyboard was built to be completely sound dampened, so no hollowness at all. Out of the box, the board impressed me from its aesthetics typing feel. And out of the box acoustics, the custom Night Breeze linear switches with their factory lube job are really solid out of the box switches. "

NuPhy Halo96 Mechanical Keyboard - Just Premium All Around!

"The typing experience has been wonderful on Halo96 especially with Gateron Baby Raccoon switches, it requires a little bit more force to activate the keys and the keys also spring back up a little bit quicker. If you're planning on using Halo96 for typing and occasional gaming, and you don't want to always swap out into a gaming keyboard, this is going to do perfectly fine."