NuPhy Console

Note: This is a beta version, if you encounter any bugs, simply reset the device. Any questions about it can be discussed in NuPhy discord/firmware-software channel.
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NuPhy Console v.1.0.3

What's Included in this Change:

1. Adds support for Air96.
2. Fixes the bug of "Title=NULL" being displayed during console installation.
3. Fixes the bug where many folders were shown after console installation.

NuPhy Console V1.0.3(Win) for Air60, Air75, Halo65, Halo75, Halo96, Air96


NuPhy Console v.1.0.2

What's Included in this Change:
1.Fixes the bug of unintended F1/F2 media key function swaps after F row key reassignments.
2.Fixes the bug of F row keys not responding to Fn modifier key/Fn+Tab+F combo correctly, after key reassignments.

Not Fixed Yet:
Media key reassignment still not working, with assigned functions being invoked(only) under the function key mode as a result.

NuPhy Console V1.0.2(Win) for Air60, Air75, Halo65, Halo75, Halo96


NuPhy Console v.1.0.1

NuPhy Console V1.0.1(Win) for Air60, Air75, Halo65