NuPhy Console

Note: This is a beta version, if you encounter any bugs, simply reset the device. Any questions about it can be discussed in NuPhy discord/firmware-software channel.
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Nuphy Console v.1.0.2

What's Included in this Change:
1.Fixes the bug of unintended F1/F2 media key function swaps after F row key reassignments.
2.Fixes the bug of F row keys not responding to Fn modifier key/Fn+Tab+F combo correctly, after key reassignments.

Not Fixed Yet:
Media key reassignment still not working, with assigned functions being invoked(only) under the function key mode as a result.

NuPhy Console V1.0.2(Win) for Air60, Air75, Halo65, Halo75, Halo96


Nuphy Console v.1.0.1

NuPhy Console V1.0.1(Win) for Air60, Air75, Halo65