NuPhy Halo75 V2

QMK/VIA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

NuPhy Halo75 V2

QMK/VIA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
Regular price $129.95
- Obsidian Black
Wrist Rest

Meow Xmas KDA +$49
Carmine Cloud Cherry Profile +$49
Arcade-ia KDS +$45
Cosmic Mocha Crystal mSA +$15
Mystic Indigo Crystal mSA +$15
Obsidian Black Crystal mSA +$15
Airy Lilac Crystal mSA +$15
Inca Rose Crystal mSA +$15
Ionic White Crystal mSA +$15
Mojito Crystal mSA +$15
The Wandering Earth ll +$69
Canopus Shine-through Cherry (Black) +$24
Canopus Shine-through Cherry (Cream) +$24

NuPhy Obsidian Black Deskmat +$24
NuPhy Mystic Indigo Deskmat +$24
NuPhy Cosmic Mocha Deskmat +$24
NuPhy Inca Rose Deskmat +$24
NuPhy Airy Lilac Deskmat +$24
NuPhy Ionic White Deskmat +$24
NuPhy Mojito Deskmat +$24
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10x wireless speed, 6x new sound mods, over 9000x RGB awesomeness, still 0x compromise.

Many things have changed on Halo75’s V2, even the classic look has taken a major makeover to look more Halo. What has never, and will never change however, is our commitment to only use the bests and the maxed-outs to build the keyboard for our pros and heavy-hitter users.



A glow-rious sight

If there ever was a market segment Halo positions itself in, it is being both a device that can handle every task you throw at it, and an absolute gorgeous looker. Its wavy side columns, solid unibody aluminum frame, and its unabashed light maximalism, all serve to enhance this role. In the design of the V2 we have only doubled down on the investment: the completely redesigned semi-transparent bottom case extends the layer-ness of the Ionic side columns into the third dimension, while the Gem-style nameplate LED brings a fun twist to Halo’s impressive lineup of functional lights. When the lights go on, the bottom case ‘merges’ into the Halo light bands to create the most amazing light effects ever seen on a NuPhy keyboard.

A brighter Halo. Besides the bottom case, the much more powerful LEDs of the Halo75 V2 is the other hero behind the spectacular light display available on it. With 8 different kinds of lights of different illumination styles and placements, Halo75 V2 is well placed to meet the most particular, demanding working and aesthetic needs.

SignalRGB support. A sneak peek of what Halolight is capable of, now fully supporting SignalRGB , you can customize Halolight the same way you do with keybindings and macros in VIA, and control the lighting of other SignalRGB compatible hardwares as well.

5 diverse color choices. Don't worry, the black and white are not going away, yet the Halo character deserves a new interpretation too. Retaining the simplicity of the neutral colorways, the three new themes serve to impart the expressive power of Halolight 2.0 when it is active, and heighten the dualistic beauty of the case in each of its own ways when unilluminated.


Hi-Fi Halo

Yup, here goes our acclaimed 6-piece sound stack again, landing on a fully assembled keyboard for the first time. With sound concentration and purity so out of this world, we decide it is better not to be silent about it. Oh, and there is the gasket mount too! From now on, Halo users can enjoy a sound experience and cushioned feel tailor made for a custom keyboard, without having to build one. Sometimes, it is just that simple.

PCB Gasket Mount. A deradicalization from Gem's plate gasket mount, Halo75 v2's PCB gasket mount delivers a more balanced feel and sound.


A new height to reach new heights.

Introducing mSA, the high-profile sibling of our much imitated nSA profile, which after more than two years of development has now became available for Halo users. Small tweaks are many: a little adjustment to the SA height for more ergonomics, the larger round surface and symmetric design are a nod to the nSA. What is difficult to miss however, even in darkness, are the light emitting homing bars, illuminated by south-facing LEDs they are designed to be just bright enough to help with the guidance without being distractive.

Finding your way home with the lights. Built with a triple shot injection process, NuPhy's proprietary light-emitting homing bars exploits the south-facing nature of the switches for the illumination, which helps you finding them at much extended ranges. The built-in power saving feature ensures that you will not see in the battery life the immediate difference in the way you interact with the keyboard.

Backlit Battery Life Comparison

* All battery endurance tests were performed with professional battery test software in November, 2023. Each tested product model will run the benchmark for 10 consecutive times, and the average of the benchmark results is used for its endurance rating.

The GhostBar goes.Sorry we almost forgot it, it is usually too quiet, you know. For those of you who have not heard about the GhostBar, it is our hollow sound suppression spacebar keycap that utilizes a series of small internal chambers to make a sound so similar to other keys that it becomes almost inaudible. We have upgraded it to the mSA profile so it is in even better harmony with the other keys.

Want the front to shine like the bottom?
How about some transparent keycaps in the mSA profile and your keyboard's theme color, shining in the darkness like stars dotting the night sky.

The dark side goes bright. South facing shine through keycaps are awesome, they let out mesmerising lights and pleasant sounds without the physical contact problem, have great switch compatibilities...except that they didn't exist, until now. As the first set of south facing shine through keycaps, bold fonts and audacious colorways are chosen to match its disruptiveness. Coated with an equally groundbreaking technique, Canopus shine-through keycaps will shine on your desktop like never before.


Polling way ahead
in the 1000Hz race

We have taken our latency minimization game to a new level on Halo75 V2. Through the combined effort of an state of the art 1000Hz 2.4G SoC and optimization/testing done by our engineers, Halo users can now access the wired-like, pro-gaming level wireless performance on their already OP keyboards.

Truth by numbers told. We did some benchmarks on the new Halo75 V2’s latency performance, against its predecessor and another QMK-based keyboard. Suffice to say, the numbers speak louder and clearer than ever.

Connection Speed Comparison

* The latency tests are conducted with a CMSIS-DAP compliant hardware debug unit, by measuring the time difference between when the Enter key switch is closed, and the key press event is registered on the PC, and subtracting the instrument 's intrinsic delay(provided by the producer) from the measurement. The test results do not account for the pre-travel delays of the key switches, which varies for different types of switches, as the swtich circuits are closed electronically during the tests.


Create keybindings without bounds,
transform layouts VIA layers.

It only makes sense to extend the great customizability achieved on Halo75 V2’s hardware to its firmware as well. With the open-source QMK/VIA firmware, its endless key mapping, light customization, and other creative possibilities, our hardware’s potential can be truly realized.

Mac, Windows, name it. VIA's key remapping and macro work seamlessly on all major desktop platforms, or any that supports a browser, make it even easier to customize Halo75 V2 to your heart's content.

A shortcut to all Mac shortcuts. Just one toggle of the completely redesigned OS switch, right next to the connection mode switch, and you will get access to all the Mac-specific function keys including Do Not Disturb, Spotlight.... Mac-tivate your keyboard has never been easier.


Coming to fruition

Unprecedentedly built with NuPhy-branded housings, the Herb series of switches represents a joint-effort by NuPhy and Gateron to bring technologies and designs from ‘frontier’ switches, such as Gateron’s Baby Kangaroo/Raccoon to the regular switches users, while retaining the quintessence of the original ‘division of labor': a 37gf linear switch, Mint for the heavy typists, a 45gf early actuation linear switch, Raspberry to best serve the gamers, and a 55gf tactile switch Lemon for all those who desire tactility and great sound feedback. All the switches come with a POM stem, 21mm length spring, and the new generation of Gateron factory lubing. Nothing too spicy, but certainly the right amount of flavor for a satisfying typing experience.


Move in silence

Smooth, precise, silent…are we talking about ninja moves or what a silent switch should have been? The new Cherry Silent Red Clear-Top switch, launching on NuPhy, have finally gotten rid of that ‘should’ part. The first silent switch that does not feel like all the clicky grating noises have only became scratchiness under your fingers, the Cherry SRCT relies on its completely redesigned mold, next generation factory lubing developed in cooperation with NuPhy, to achieve smoothness, total absence of noise and scratchiness, solid bottoming out in one elegant, legendary durable Cherry construction.


A rest unlike the rest

A not so well kept secret about the acrylic twotone rest is they look the best when illuminated by Halo's LED bands. This diffusion of the RGB lights by the acrylic becomes even more impressive with Halolight 2.0's much higher light penetration and brightness. Throw in some nice walnut, beech, and even black-dyed white oak for those desiring a bit extra fancy and style, our most comprehensive selection of Twotone wrist rests has been made available for Halo75 V2.

Twotone wrist rest colors & choices. Acrylic Twotones share the same theme colors as Halo75 V2, for the hardwoods, there are Umber and Burning Gold to match with walnut and beech's chic appearances.


Bokeh series deskmat

Focus on the screen or the keyboard, the Bokeh deskmat creates a nice out of focus ambience in a color pattern matching your keyboard.

Bokeh deskmats colors & choices. So familiar, yet so distant that only blurry circles, blending into the background can be made out. The themed color variations of the Bokeh deskmats do not aim to disrupt, nor to detach, but to breathe some warm fuzzies on the desktops beneath them.



1 x Halo75 V2 Keyboard
1 x 1.5m (59 inches) Cable
1 x 2.4G Receiver
1 x Keycap/Switch Puller
6 x Extra Keycaps
3 x Extra Switches
1 x Sticker Set
1 x Quick Guide/Poster Download 
1 x Q&A  Download


Layout: ANSI 75%
Number of Keys: 83
Switch Type: Normal-profile
Stabilizer Type: Plate Mounted
Mount Type: Gasket
Hot-swappable Support: Yes (3/5 pin MX-style)
N-key Rollover Support: Yes
Backlight: South-facing RGB-LED
Backlight Modes: 40+
Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS
Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃
Wired Polling Rate: 1000Hz
2.4GHz Polling Rate: 1000Hz
Bluetooth 5.0 Polling Rate: 125Hz
Top Case: Aluminum
Bottom Case: ABS
Plate Material: POM
Long 135.0 mm (5.31 inches)
Wide 320.0 mm (12.60 inches)
Back Height 32.9 mm (1.29 inches)
Front Height 21.3 mm (0.83 inch)
Weight 1020 grams (2.24 pound)
Type Angle 5º/8.5º/12º
Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Working Time (all lights on): 9~91 hours (lab test result)
Working Time (homing bars only): 140~200 hours (lab test result)
Working Time (all lights off): Up to 307 hours (lab test result)

* Note: 1. Due to technical limitations, renderings of keyboards published by NuPhy are not accurate representations of the final products.

Which Halo75 is right for you?

Halo75 V1

From $129.95


Halolight 1.0


NuPhy Console


500Hz polling rate at 2.4G mode


Top Mount

Plate Silicone

Bottom Silicone


KOP Profile



G Pro Red/Brown 2.0

Night Breeze/Rose Glacier

Baby Raccoon/Baby Kangaroo

Halo75 V2

From $129.95


Halolight 2.0

Magnetic Nameplate

Translucent Bottom





1000Hz polling rate at 2.4G mode


Gasket Mount

Plate Foam

Switch Pad

Sound Damper

PCB Foam

Bottom Silicone


mSA Profile


LED Homing Bars


NuPhy Mint/Raspberry/Lemon

Cherry Clear-Top Silent Red

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 33 reviews
94%would recommend this product
33 reviews
  • SV Profile picture for Steven V.
    Steven V.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 4 out of 5 stars
    2 weeks ago
    Pretty Solid Keyboard!

    The halo effect is super cool and I love the keycap profile! However, I did notice a few things that could be improved:

    - I love tactile keycaps, however the lemon's yellow shell makes the colors blue, purple, and pink look like the color white. Those three are my go-to color ways, so I had to replace the switches out the box :(

    - The frame doesn't have a good grip of the POM plate, so if you take off a keycap, you also take off a switch at the same time usually. This can sometimes lead to bent pins if you aren't careful.

  • TW Profile picture for Thomas W.
    Thomas W.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    Solid Keyboard

    As a wfh software engineer this keyboard is without a doubt, the best mechanical keyboard I've ever owned! The sound and typing experience are exceptional for a prebuilt mechanical keyboard. Plus, the battery life is incredibly long-lasting. I look forward to trying more of their keyboards!

  • P
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago

    I really like it

  • JC
    Jay C.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    Fantastic product - get the wrist rest

    Absolutely LOVE this keyboard and matching wrist-rest. Love the sound, love the feel, love the quality of the build. The Halo V2 sits high, relative to the Magic Keyboards I used for years. For this reason, I strongly recommend the wrist rest.

  • CE Profile picture for Chris logo
    Chris E.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    Uniquely impressive

    The Halo light is truly an iconic part of the kb. Nuphy has also taken a great deal to make sure the keyboard works well out of the box. I definitely need the wrist rest, mSA keycaps are amazing with a nice pop sound that can easily go thocky depending on your switch option and the build quality is impressive even at the price.

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