NuPhy® x AKIRA40K

NuPhy Field75 HE

Magnetic Switch Gaming Keyboard

NuPhy® x AKIRA40K

NuPhy Field75 HE

Magnetic Switch Gaming Keyboard

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- Magnetic White
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A Theory of the
Electromagnetic Field

Field75 HE is our gateway connecting the frontier of analog input to the world of mechanical keyboards. Through which we have, for the first time ever, replicated the mechanical typing experience on a platform with unprecedented performance, amazing switch motion accuracy and granularity, and endless flexibility enabled by the magnetic switches.



Tap the untapped

The lightning pace that everything takes place on the Field75 HE shifts our focus of the design from buttons and wheels to visual elements that helps with cueing, locating, vibe enhancement without movement disruptions, such as the EM Lab keycap set specially made for the HE Field, whose high contrast colorways are inspired by the classic multimeter and tricorder.

Layer-based buttons. The magnetic switches are dazzling, the old school buttons and metal knobs don’t sit around idly either. Now fully integrated with layers, you can set up to 4 functions per mode for each button. Other innovative changes include a lighting effect/brightness 2D gear switch, and HE-specific features like the key trigger indicator.

Wrist Rest and deskmats. A new electromagnetic interpretation of the classic twin-pieced twotone look, and the high information density Orbit deskmat should give you eyes plenty to feast while your arms rest.


The magic of magnets

An average human’s reaction time is 300-500ms, while a pro gamer can reach 200ms through training. The total trip time for a key press to register after the finge-cap contact can however easily reach >100 ms, much of it spent on the key descenting to the actuation point. A magnetic switch cuts this trip by half by separating the process of actuation, accomplished at the speed of light through the Hall effect, from the tactile feedback, which can take as long as you want afterwards to assure your finger of its occurrence. And if you are as drawn to extreme performance as iron is to magnet, then the infamous rapid trigger mode is definitely for you.


0.1mm, 4mm, or exactly .10 of an inch...with both high dynamic range and travel resolution Field HE got your back whether you want to be the fastest gun in the West, or tune your rhythm in sync with that particular spell's cooldown timer.

Rapid Trigger

Ready for the next move before the impact of the first even strikes the enemy? Just 0.1mm of break and your trusted companion will get it done, and done again...and again. Under the rapid trigger mode, Field75 HE can handle even the most complex maneuvering that you can come up with so seamlessly and effortlessly, like it is an extension of your nerve system, or something.

Dynamic Keystroke

High precision and minimized errors also enable true analog input, as you can now pack a recorded amount of information and up to 4 actions in one stroke. Combos, spellcastings, macros….can all become chords in the music that follows your finger, whose tempo you will decide-among 2 positions out of 40 in the downmove, and another 2 in the upmove.


Instant as instinct

The switches are only half of the story, every component in the signal’s pathway from the switch must run reliably at an even higher speed to fully unleash its potential. The requirements are staggering, the specs of the hardware even more so: MCU clocked at 144MHz, 8000Hz polling rate, only 0.5ms of total latency from the key activation to its registering….through their amazing skills our engineering team has pulled together this feat.

With greater processing power comes faster responses. All that 8000Hz polling back and forth requires one big bad MCU to handle, and our Nu1 is the right chip for the job. It has a clock rate of 144MHz, support for USB 2.0 data transmission, and 512kb of flash. In real world tests it is able to cut the total latency to 0.5ms, a full 15% improvement of 8000Hz performance over the best our competitors have to offer.

Connection Speed Comparison

* The latency tests are conducted with a CMSIS-DAP compliant hardware debug unit, by measuring the time difference between when the Enter key switch is closed, and the key press event is registered on the PC, and subtracting the instrument 's intrinsic delay(provided by the producer) from the measurement. The test results do not account for the pre-travel delays of the key switches, which varies for different types of switches, as the swtich circuits are closed electronically during the tests.

Hit all the right notes. Many little, subtle things need to be gotten right, before a mere 0.02mm of change in travel can be properly resolved, not just detected. Even slight vibrations can cause big deviations in readings, so does disturbances in the baseline voltage. In Field75 HE, not only did we design the TOP mounting structure, the electronics, the error-controlling process for every component all around the need to reduce errors and inter-key inconsistencies, the assembly and testing in the supply chain also need to be managed accordingly. At the end of the day, it is the <0.01mm error produced by the whole approach that makes fine-tuning the actuation distance useful for the users for the first time.

Race without running into each others. The race to a lower latency starts when the transverse voltage builds up in the Hall effect sensors, individually packaged and powered from the LEDs they retain their sensititity even when the RGB effects are maxed out. Similar arrangments at the end of the signals' journey ensures the MCU is at full throttle handling their arrivals, utilizing a self-developed filtering algorithm that picks them at industry-leading accuracy and speed.


Within a finger's reach

Settings and parameters editing are vital to the magneto-mechanical keyboard user experience. Through a new interactive design approach, NuPhy Dashboard aims to make this unwieldy task more accessible for casual and experienced users alike. Every single parameter affecting the system performance is tweakable, and the tweaks are visible in the Dashboard UI in real-time as they take effects, such as the per-key rapid-trigger/sensitivity annotations on the keyboard preview, or the bi-color actuation indication bar. Global configurations can be saved as layers, to be fired up later.

*The Web version of Dashboard with a streamlined UI is close to be finished, and will be released in the August.

It is like profiles, but for pros. Introducing the new mode, a complete overhaul of the mode on earlier NuPhy keyboard that provides integration and organization of all data associated with a user role, such as layers, lighting, travel distance & sensitivity. You can have different modes for different OSes, or different games, and they can all be selected by the redesigned 'shifter' switch. No more superheroic effort to get a superhuman apm.

Seeing is Believing. For the first time, tough technical concepts like the dead zone and resolution are configurable in a visualized and animated manner. You can adjust them on the fly and perceive the difference with both your fingers and eyes, along with a bunch of other parameters. Similarly manipulable and visualized are the layers, the basic units of layout editting in modern keyboard configurators, up to 12 of which are supported, with each mode having 4.


EM-motional support

Being the first structural keyboard design to accommodate magneitc switches, our laser focus on travel accuracy leads to the elimination of a large number of popular structrual choices, such as the famously soft gasket mount and PC/POM plates. The now severely constrained solution space revolves around the aluminum plate and top mount, and compels us to make bold choices to preserve the sound quality.

Top Mount.Silicone paddings and wraps placed around mounting screws and other frame and plate contact points, helps producing a gasket mount like sound consistency, and none of its deformation induced errors.

Sound engineering on sound foundations.It is just two porons with one aluminum plate sandwiched, plus one silicone anechoic sheet. There is no secret here, as clear as the sound the keyboard makes. Yet you wonder why you haven't heard a sound like this from another magnetic keyboard?


CAPtain on the bridge

The legendary comfort, gaming DNA and aesthetics commanded by the Cherry profile means it is the ideal choice for Field’s keycaps. Moulded with PBT material, the double-shot legend enables crisp text and vibrant colors, and a grease and scratch resistant surface that retains its stunning look even after extensive use.

Ghostbar on board.Yes, GhostBar is totally coming to Field HE too! Same noise suppression and sound harmonization NuPhy tech except that you can now try it at 10x speed.

The dark side goes bright.The world's second keyboard with south facing shine through keycaps, and the first magnetic one is here. Do the bold fonts and audacious colorways look even more disruptive with the EM energy coursing through them?


Dual-rail gunners

A dual-rail magnetic switch created with a new generation of tooling and prelubing, Gateron's Magnetic White is miles ahead of other magnetic switches in both the feel and sound. Of course, the Magnetic Jade switch, the industry standard for high performance and consistency is also available as an option.



1 x Field75 HE Keyboard
1 x 1.5m (59 inches) Cable
1 x Keycap/Switch Puller
4 x Extra Keycaps
1 x Sticker Set
1 x Quick Guide/Poster Download 


Layout: ANSI 75%
Number of Keys: 83
Customizable Buttons: 8
Knob: Volume & RGB
Switch Type: Normal-profile Magnetic Switches
Stabilizer Type: Plate Mounted
Mount Type: Top
Hot-swappable Support: Yes
N-key Rollover Support: Yes
Backlight: South-facing RGB-LED
Backlight Modes: 20
Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS
Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃
Wired Polling Rate: 8000Hz
Top Case: ABS
Bottom Case: ABS
Plate Material: Aluminum
Long 142.8 mm (5.62 inches)
Wide 372.3 mm (14.66 inches)
Back Height 40.4 mm (1.59 inches)
Front Height 21.0 mm (0.83 inch)
Weight 1205 grams (2.66 pound)
Type Angle 4º/9º

* Note: 1. Due to technical limitations, renderings of keyboards published by NuPhy are not accurate representations of the final products.

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Cherry Profile


Field75 HE

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Wired (8000Hz polling)


Magnetic White

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Adjustable Actuation

Rapid Trigger

Dynamic Keystroke


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