March 01, 2023

NuPhy Keyboard Video Reviews in October - December 2022

Wireless Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows and Android

NuPhy Halo75 REVIEW! - BEST Sounding Pre-Built Keyboard

"NuPhy Halo75 is one of the better options out in the market for a unique 75% wireless mechanical keyboard with a good combination of distinct design, a unique set of materials used, and an arsenal of features and functionalities, not to mention the pretty good sound and feel out of the box without the need of further modifications."

[Both cospa and keystrokes are good! ] NuPhy Halo75 Review | NuPhy Halo75 Kit Review

"NuPhy Halo75, an attractive 75% keyboard that focuses on improving the keystroke sound and reducing noise."

9 New Accessories For Your Desk Setup!

"NuPhy Halo75 features high quality double shot PBT keycaps. My specific unit being loaded with NuPhy's own linear switches called Night Breeze and these are pre-lubed, the PCB is hot swap so you can always change things up later down the line."

NuPhy Halo75 - The Best Prebuilt Keyboard Just Got Bigger

"Halo65 is a wireless keyboard with good stabilizers, good functionality and south facing hot swappable switches to suit any kind of switch and keycap combination."

My Mechanical Keyboard Collection + Sound Tests

"Air60 is compact but still functional, using Gateron brown switches. It's a great travel keyboard, if you do happen to travel a lot and need a mechanical keyboard, I think that it is the absolute way to go."

NuPhy Halo75: The mechanical keyboard you are waiting for!

"Halo75 has a 75% layout containing 83 keys, and it's compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. If you're looking for a great mechanical keyboard, it offers customization, high build quality, and has good sound, I think Halo75 is worth checking out."


Your Perfect Mechanical Keyboard? My Beginner's Guide & Top Productivity Picks!

"If you value smaller, more portable low profile keyboards, NuPhy Air60 is really good. They also offer PBT keycap so you can go further into the customization World. The build quality and attention to detail of this made it a really portable option that is one of the best I've seen I'd suggest."

NuPhy Halo75 Review - Premium Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac and Windows! Rose Glacier Switch

"Halo75 is their best keyboard to date and is a better all-around keyboard than most now, it gets those extra function keys along the top, you're getting the new GhostBar spacebar with this improved feel."

Modern Black & White Desk Setup Tour (2022)

"NuPhy Air60 mechanical keyboard is not only functional as it works with both my Mac and Windows PC, it aesthetically looks really good on my desk, giving some extra color with its colored keycaps. With Gateron brown tactile switches, it sounds and feels really good when typing."

Let's Upgrade a $119 Pre-Built into a Custom Level - Halo65 by NuPhy

"Halo65 is a great keyboard out of the box, it has all the looks, the performance and the features to make it a great option for those that don't really care to build their own keyboards or mod."

Prebuilds Are Getting Really Good - NuPhy Halo65 | Review, Modding, Typing Sounds

"Halo65 is a formidable keyboard for its asking price and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. It can be entirely sufficient right out of the box and with a swap of switches and keycaps, it can also look and sound really really good."

The Freshest Mech! ~ NuPhy Halo65 Review

"Halo65 is a pretty awesome mechanical keyboard, it looks super fresh with its unique design, comes with great stock keycaps, offers enough customizability for most people, and features a pretty clever RGB implementation, it has the potential for great wireless support."

NuPhy Halo65 Review - Setting The GOLD Standard For All Keyboards!

"NuPhy Halo65 is a 65% tray mount keyboard with features upon features. We have Gateron Brown Pro switches, they are pre-lubed and actually do a good job in getting rid of any stab rattle which is almost unheard of pun intended."

NuPhy Halo65 - Gateron Baby Kangaroo typing sounds