QMK Firmwares

Update Instructions

1. Go to https://github.com/qmk/qmk_toolbox/releases to download the official releases of the QMK Toolbox, if you have never installed it before.

2. On the release page, make sure to select the correct installation file for your operating system, or the source code to compile yourself.

3. Download the firmware you are planning to flash onto the keyboard from NuPhy’s firmwares page, confirm you are downloading the correct firmware for your keyboard model before proceeding.

4. Start QMK Toolbox, and locate the firmware file (ending with .bin) through the ‘Open’ dialog in the ‘File’ menu.

5. Set the keyboard to the wired mode, then press the ‘Esc’ key and hold it down, meanwhile, connect your keyboard to the host using the cable shipped with your package, release when you see the yellow text as shown in the following screenshot appears in the console window. NOTE: the above operations must be done in the exact order and manner as instructed, if you keyboard is already connected, unplug it before you start the process.

6. Double check the integrity and the correctness of the firmware file(hash sums are provide on the download page) before clicking the ‘Flash’ button, then wait until ‘Flash Complete’ is displayed in the console window. Do not interrupt the flashing process by any means and maintain the wired connection throughout.

7. Enter a few characters to verify the flashing is successful.

Firmware Releases

Air75 V2

  Version 1.1.1 / Released on 13 Nov 2023
  sha1sum: b27b472f27aa0fd55e77ad3df21bd4de7a3421b7

  Version 1.0.0 / Released on 23 Sep 2023
  sha1sum: d51ea33e33a3a54fcb31b22ba6200e768bc72228

  Version 0.0.2 (for prerelease users only.) / Released on 23 Sep 2023
  sha1sum: 5fec35be77505d0459c0c2f69d4ecbc0f5ca5cfc

Release Details

Air75 V2 firmware v1.1.1 has been released, this version includes the following changes and bugfixes:

  1. Increasing the maximum brightness of the RGB backlight.
  2. Fixing the bug of missed keypresses under the Bluetooth mode on some keyboards after creating macros of more than 8 characters in text length in VIA.
  3. Adjusting backlight settings in VIA will no longer affect the keyboard sidelights.
  4. Password can now be entered at the logon screen of Bitlocker, a Windows full-disk encryption tool.
  5. Fixing the occasional, non-functional blinks of the wireless indicator under the 2.4G mode.
  6. Fixing the periodic non-functional blinks of the battery indicator when the battery is under charge.

Air75 V2 firmware v1.0.0 has been released, this version provides the same bugfixes as firmware v0.0.2 but is built for the retail version keyboard. Retail users please download this version.

Air75 V2 firmware v0.0.2 has been released, fixing the bug of macros not working under the wireless mode. (Updated: September 25, 2023)