April 26, 2023

Revolutionize your Office Productivity with these Products from FlexiSpot and NuPhy

Productivity is not a new term if you work from an office; subsequently, brands like FlexiSpot and NuPhy have become synonymous with their revolutionary products making quite a splash in the industry. One such product you should consider is the FlexiSpot E7 which is all the rage with its industry-leading efficiency. The FlexiSpot standing desk comes with thicker legs with precisely designed column gaps that ensure you move from sitting to standing with unparalleled comfort.
On the other hand, NuPhy’s Halo96 wireless Mechanical keyboard is quite the sight; with a stunning design and expert ergonomic keycaps, the keyboard is as eye-catching as it is a delight for your fingers. It incorporates industry-leading switches and a unique keyboard layout to deliver a keyboard experience you will brag about. They would go well together in your workstation with the keyboard’s connectivity ensuring it can wirelessly connect with most equipment on the desk; the aesthetic is just a bonus! If that gets your heart pumping, learn more about why these products will improve your productivity and how you can get them.

How does the standing desk improve your work efficiency?

A height-adjustable desk is a must-have for office workers in the modern day as companies and individuals everywhere look for ways to improve their working experience. Unlike regular desks, which can leave you reeling from back pain and other musculoskeletal problems, the E7 is one desk that delivers; it lets you shift from sitting to standing for better health and improved productivity.

That is what a standing desk gives you; additionally, the seamless transition considerably increases your mobility in the office and reduces your chances of getting lifestyle diseases like obesity. Consequently, we recommend the FlexiSpot E7 because it will get you on your feet and in great shape in no time; the added productivity in your work won’t hurt either.

  1. Stability - The standing desk for sale is specially built to ensure it remains firm even at the highest setting while being steady while in motion.
  2. Compatibility with everyone and most spaces - Whether you work from the company premises or at home, you can be sure everyone can comfortably use it with its range of height settings and keyboard tray to boot. Additionally, the E7 is a highly adaptable standing desk for office work that you can easily fit in most workstations and switch postures.

A few of the features that make it a premiere desk include:

  • Stylish and adaptable design

For starters, you can choose the desktop you like most from several materials, including chipboard, solid wood, and bamboo in various colors. In addition, you can select the leg style you prefer between the C-frame with extra space and the T-frame.

Additionally, FlexiSpot has thrown in a premium LCD keypad so you can enable the child-lock function or choose a height setting.

  • Larger capacity loading

The FlexiSpot standing desk E7 has a carbon steel base that can support about 355 lbs. Besides, if you hate seeing cords all over your workstation, the E7 has you covered with a keyboard tray that stays out of sight while holding all your cables.

Standing desks don't come much better than the FlexiSpot E7 height adjustable desk, which promises expert performance and improved health; to sweeten the deal, they’ve thrown in a 15-year warranty for reassurance.


On the other hand, here’s why the NuPhy Halo96 wireless Mechanical keyboard should be on your list.

While furniture may be getting most of the attention in ergonomic discussions, accessories such as keyboards often go unappreciated despite their huge roles in our offices. Traditional keyboards are not designed with the shape of the human hand in mind; as such, they often result in wrist and fingertip pain, poor typing, and musculoskeletal issues like Carpal tunnel syndrome. Halo96 is one keyboard generating quite the buzz. It is a wireless mechanical keyboard that promises a next-level experience whether you are typing or slaying fiends.

The keyboard is designed to ensure that your fingers will be cared for even after a grueling session typing a report. You may be curious about the reasons; with hot-swappable switches, Halo96 provides typing is smoother than its predecessors, while the Gateron switches mean the mechanical keyboard is highly responsive. Here are the benefits of Halo96:

  1. Unbridled typing experience - Suppose you are a fan of mechanical keyboards. In that case, the latest from NuPhy will surely have you rethinking what is possible with its high-quality keyboard layout designed for optimal productivity.
  2. Expert wireless connectivity - Halo96 is among the best Bluetooth mechanical keyboards; it ensures high-quality connectivity with devices and seamless switching between macOS and Windows.

Some of its standout features include:

Dazzling yet efficient keyboard profile

Say goodbye to boring keyboards because Halo96 takes matters into its own hands with top-level engineering, including a laser-polished ABS base and a group of lights in the keycaps that create a vibrant "halo." Gateron switches are also incorporated for a smoother typing experience, with a new Ghostbar key for noise suppression that removes hollow sounds for improved response.

Hot-swappable keys

If the keys on your keyboard have ever been spoilt, then you know the hassle of having them replaced. Halo96 saves you from all the stress with its hot-swappable keys that can be easily replaced without desoldering the damaged ones. It also means you can customize the keyboard with the same ease.


To conclude, the E7 is a standing desk that can potentially change your office life. It lets you easily shift between sitting and standing while working for reduced back and neck pain and better overall health and productivity. Halo96, on the other hand, is a keyboard designed for the human form, which means it will help reduce fingertip pain for a smoother typing experience. Browse the websites to get two great products together!

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