NuPhy Air60

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

NuPhy Air60

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
Sale price $99.95
Low-profile Switch
NuFolio V2
Extra COAST Keycaps

nSA Shine-through PC Keycaps +$19
Spawky Halloween nSA Dye-sub PBT Keycaps +$39
Meow Xmas nSA Dye-sub PBT Keycaps +$39
Shiokaze nSA Dye-sub PBT Keycaps +$39

Aloe | 100Pcs +$38
Cowberry | 100Pcs +$38
Wisteria | 100Pcs +$38
Moss | 100Pcs +$38
Daisy | 100Pcs +$38
Brown 2.0 | 100Pcs +$27
Red 2.0 | 100Pcs +$27
Blue 2.0 | 100Pcs +$27
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the laptop experience.

NuPhy Air60 is an innovative 60% ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard. With the world's thinnest PBT spherical keycap, low-latency 2.4g wireless connection, and hot-swappable function, NuPhy Air60 combines such a powerful configuration in a small mechanical keyboard with just 60% layout, which has never heard of before.

With AirFeet™, the Air60 would be the best replacement for laptop keyboards since the NuType F1, compatible not only with the full line of MacBooks but also with 99% of other laptops.

With the NuFolio V2, the Air60 is undoubtedly the best iPad Keyboard, supporting the iPad while giving you the best typing experience on iPad has ever had.

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Thin as 17mm,
but more powerful.

Thanks to the ultra-thin aluminum frame and PBT keycaps along with the latest Gateron Low-profile Mechanical Switches, the thinnest part of Air60 is only 17mm. In addition, the 2500mAh built-in battery has 39% more power than NuType F1, which provides up to 48 hours (lab data) of battery life, enabling a whole week of use.

With the evolutionary aluminum alloy stamping process, we were able to completely hide the mechanical switches under the aluminum frame and keycaps while maintaining a simple structure. This elegant design makes Air60 a unique presence in the slim mechanical keyboard market.


Best MacBook partner,
also compatible with 99% other laptops.

NuType F1 revolutionized the typing experience for the MacBook, and now the Air60 takes it a step further. The newly designed AirFeet™ is compatible not only with the full line of MacBooks but also with 99% of Laptops.

The horizontal slats at its base can lodge in the space between the keycaps of the laptop, offering both stability and accidental touch protection. We use FN + Numeric keys to replace the function keys on the Touch Bar. The hotkeys we provide are highly user-friendly, But you can still keep the option of using the Touch Bar and Touch ID. Air60 also comes with one 1.5m and one 0.2m cable. Using the short cable, you can recharge Air60 while working on your laptop.


The unique "—" shaped AirFeet™ of Air60 is compatible with more laptops than the "T" shaped AirFeet™ of NuTupe F1. The following laptop models have been found compatible with the “—” shape design of Air60 after testing.

MacBook(2015-2019), MacBook Air(Early 2015-2020), MacBook Pro (Late 2012-2020), M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro

Surface Laptop 1/2/3, Surface Pro 4/5/6/7, Surface Book 1/2

X1, X390, E490, L490/590, E495/595, T470/480s, 13/14s

IdeaPad 720/730, Y9000K, Y7000/P, S145, S940

Spectre Folio, Spectre X360, Envy X360, Zbook 15

XPS 13.3”/15.6”

Blade 15/17

New Alienware M15/M17

The best iPad keyboard ever.

Without NuType F1, we wouldn’t have learned that so many iPad users love the typing experience of mechanical keyboards. The NuFolio V2 can not only protect your keyboard but can also become a stand when unbuttoned and folded, supporting all the iPad Pro/Air, iPad mini and iPhone.

We believe that an iPad keyboard with hot swap function, PBT keycaps, and multi-device connection will bring you unparalleled typing experience and efficiency, completely surpassing other iPad keyboards on the market.

3 modes of connection,
fulfilling your multitasking needs.

With 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 seamlessly connecting with up to 4 devices, Air60 can satisfy your multitasking needs at any time.

For gamers and editors who pursue input efficiency, the new 2.4G wireless provides lower latency and higher stability than Bluetooth. You can also use a USB-C cable to connect Air60 to your device.

COAST keycaps,
the thinnest PBT keycaps in the world.

For Air60 to bring a better typing experience, we designed the world’s first ultra-thin PBT keycaps. With form and function both in mind, we adopted an ergonomic spherical keycap design of 4.6 mm thickness, giving you an excellent typing experience on a slim keyboard.

Made of highly durable PBT material, COAST keycaps use advanced dye-sublimation coloring technology, which completely overcomes the shortcoming of ABS keycaps which are known to wear down quickly and develop an unwanted shine over time.

Designed for Mac and Windows.

Air60 was designed to be perfectly compatible with macOS and Windows from the beginning. We provided Mac multimedia-keys layout for Mac users and F1-F12 keys to Windows users.

Hot-swappable function allowing you to easily swap switches.

Each Air60 keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace or upgrade your switches without soldering and to enjoy a different typing experience free of restriction.

We also offer three bonus mechanical switches in the package. This enables different typing experiences as well as easy replacement of a damaged switch.

Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Red / Linear, 50gf
Pre-travel: 1.7±0.4mm / Total travel: 3.2±0.2mm
Operating force: 50±15gf / End force: 60±5gf
Stem: POM / Top housing: PC / Bottom housing: PA66
13.5mm Two-stage stainless spring
Factory lubed

Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Brown / Tactile, 55gf
Pre-travel: 1.7±0.4mm / Total travel: 3.2±0.2mm
Operating force: 55±15gf / End force: 60±5gf
Stem: POM / Top housing: PC / Bottom housing: PA66
13.5mm Two-stage stainless spring
Factory lubed

Gateron Low-profile 2.0 Blue / Clicky, 65gf
Pre-travel: 1.7±0.4mm / Total travel: 3.2±0.2mm
Operating force: 65±15gf / End force: 60±5gf
Stem: POM / Top housing: PC / Bottom housing: PA66

13.5mm Two-stage stainless spring

Flowing Backlight and Sidelight.

Inspired by the early MacBook battery indicator which was hidden inside the case when inactive, we added two RGB light bars on each side of the Air60 aluminum frame. The left sidelight shows the caps lock and connection mode, while the right sidelight bar indicates the battery level and system mode. When you activate the gradient light effect, the sidelights will illuminate your keyboard with an arresting glow.

The backlight of Air60 has more than 20 different color effects, which can be easily changed using key combination. Through Windows software, you can even limitlessly customize lighting effects.

Download NuPhy Console to customize your lighting effets.


1 x air60 wireless mechanical keyboard
1 x usb-c to usb-a cable (1.5 m)
1 x usb-c to usb-c cable (0.2 m)
1 x 2.4g receiver
1 x keycap/switch puller
3 x extra keycaps
3 x extra switches
2 x magnetic foot
1 x quick guide/poster
1 x stickers


switch type: low-profile gateron mechanical
layout: ansi 60%
number of keys: 64 keys
hot-swappable support: yes
n-key rollover support: yes
backlight & sidelight: rgb-led
backlight modes: 20
sidelight modes: 4
mode: 2.4G wireless, bluetooth 5.0 or wired
battery capacity: 2500mAh
working time: up to 48 hours (lab test result)
connection type: usb type-c
compatible system: macos/windows/android/ios
angle: 3.5º/ 6.5º with magnetic foot
operating environment: -10 to 50℃
frame: aluminum
bottom case: abs
keycap: pbt
11.7 inch x 4.2 inch x 0.67 inch
297.3 mm x 107.2 mm x 17.0 mm
1.0 pound
453 grams
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 408 reviews
88%would recommend this product
408 reviews
  • AB
    Alexander B.
    Verified Buyer
    I do not recommend this product
    Rated 2 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    The keyboard broke my expectations, I'm frustrated

    Many keys creak a little and it's irritating, I can't focus on the work because it confuses me with the sound. I can't use it anymore and should sell it.

    I used it for 1 week and noticed some keys creak a little, kind of creating friction between the plastic. I'm disappointed. The support didn't suggest advice with how to fix it, conversely gave me 10$ of compensation for the keyboard which I can't use anymore. The trust is broken and I'm even not sure that the new model will work fine.

    Maybe you will gift me a new one or at least 50% of the cost the new one? I think this is the only chance I can come back to you, 10$ of compensation didn't make a difference.

    I thought Nuphy is the best Keyboard, appears it's not.

    Although, I want to say many keys work fine, however those dozen ones

    N Profile picture for NuPhy®
    1 month ago

    We are sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with the keyboard. Here are some tips to address the issue:

    1. Cleaning: Remove dust and debris between the keys using compressed air or a soft brush.
    2. Lubrication: Apply a small amount of silicone-based lubricant to reduce friction on key hinges.
    3. Key Stabilization: Check and adjust stabilizer bars beneath larger keys if they're loose.
    4. Keycap Replacement: Consider replacing keycaps if cleaning and lubrication don't work.
      If the issue persists, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

    Regarding your compensation, while we understand that $10 doesn't fully address the issue, it was intended as a gesture of goodwill. Your satisfaction is important to us. Please let us know how you'd like to proceed, and we'll do our best to help. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • DD Profile picture for DIGITALPIX DE COSTA RICA S.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    4 months ago
    Lovely Keyboard

    Lovely keyboard, exceeded my expectations

  • RG
    Reginald G.
    Verified Buyer
    I do not recommend this product
    Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    5 months ago
    Poor Quality Control

    “G” on keyboard is upside down.

  • GR Profile picture for Gary logo
    Gary R.
    Verified Reviewer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    7 months ago
    Totally exceeds any expectations....

    As soon as you see the package you know this keyboard is something special.... I'm totally blown away by the quality of it and of everything that came in the box. For reference my other keyboards are a moonlander and a corner, each of which was more than 3x the cost of this thing. And if nuphy offered this board in an ortholinear layout I would never go back to either of those two. As if is, the corne will sit on my desk for regular work but for everything else and especially any time I need to be mobile this will be my go-to. Build quality, feel, sound, appearance are all just f'ing fantastic. So happy I took the risk and ordered this.

  • A“ Profile picture for Anton “So7ion” logo
    Anton “So7ion” F.
    Verified Reviewer
    I do not recommend this product
    Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    7 months ago
    half of year of usage and I HIGHLY DON'T RECOMMEND THIS KEYBORD

    After half a year of use there were problems with the battery, after a couple of hours of work on bluetooth it sits down from the full battery, but the most unpleasant is that began to turn on its own caps lock or sticking shift key, from which at any time the letters are small or large, but since I am a 3d artist and took the keyboard to work on the road, in some programmes I have issues because of sticking shift begins to turn on unnecessary commands for me, it really bothers me.

    At the same time, the keyboard didn't fall, i didn't hit it or whatever, I did not open the switches, I only removed the keys to clean it from trash. And now, for 100$ i have useless device, i'm very dissapointed in NuPhy.

    N Profile picture for NuPhy®
    7 months ago

    We're truly sorry for the unpleasant experience, please get in touch with our customer support, and we'll do everything we can to assist you. Also thank you for bringing these matters to our attention, your feedback helps us improve our products!

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